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Telephone System Repairman Norwalk California USA, Repair and Installation of business telephone Systems.  

Business telephone systems Repairman

The original Partner telephone system was designed with the idea in mind, that the system and phones would be distributed through Sears, and that telephone system owners would be able to make a purchase, perform their own Installation, as well as provide their own repair service when needed. This plan never quite seemed to go forward as telephone system owners showed little interest in becoming a telephone system repairman. Even though the Partner, Partner-Plus, and Partner ACS telephone systems would prove that the design AT&T first produced for Partner telephone systems enabled a simplistic and straight forward Installation.

Simply connecting a telephone line cord to a vacant extension jack of a Partner ACS 308 or 509 telephone system’s processor or expansion module any you have a working telephone set.

Phone Lines connect to the system in the same manner, starting with the line one which is clearly marked beside the telephone jack where the line cord should be connected.

Programming of the telephone system is a simple procedure as well. Press the feature button at extension ten or at telephone extension eleven. Using the dial pad of the telephone set enter zero twice, the next step is to press the left Intercom button twice, and the display of the telephone set should read SYSTEM PROGRAMMING.

To proceed from here, enter a telephone system administration code and the telephone system will prompt for data, such as asking for a telephone system line or extension number. Many of the Avaya programming selections are put into effect by selecting 1 or 2 from the telephone set dial pad to chose if the option is selected or not.  

Telephone system repair

Repair of the telephone system in most instances will consist of finding a malfunctioning expansion module or the processor module and replacing it. Other Repair issues that occur with this telephone system is its propensity for producing static from the telephone system equipment.   

Partner telephone systems were discontinued from production in 2010 by Avaya Inc, the manufacturer of the Phone System since 2000, when the company was created by Lucent enterprises to become its arm for telephone systems installation and repair services of its business telephone  

over the twenty plus years the telephone system was in production many were sold and installed in the Norwalk area, as well as other areas of Southern California. A very high percentage of Avaya and Lucent Partner ACS telephone systems are still in service and working well, for those that may need repair or installation service we would like to make it known that we are a repair service for any Partner telephone system.  

Norwalk California  

The area that is Norwalk was first settled by Shoshonean American tribes long before history recorded any settlers living in the area.

Early recorded history shows Manuel Nietos was granted land in the area that includes Norwalk in 1784, from which the Los Nietos Rancho was created. After the Mexican-American war ended in 1848 the Rancho Los Nietos was subdivided, as the Norwalk area along with the new State of California became a part of the United States.

In 1869, Atwood Sproul made a purchase for his brother Gilbert Sproul of 463 acres of Land that included the Norwalk area and areas near where Norwalk exists today. In 1873 the Sproul’s gave 23 acres of this land to the Anaheim Branch Railroad  with the stipulation that a passenger stop be built. The passenger stop was first called the North-Walk station.

In 1874 Sproul founded a town site around the North-Walk stop, and recorded the town name as Norwalk. During the years of the 1880’s the majority of Norwalk  remained undeveloped while the area grew around the Norwalk station.  Prosperity of Norwalk was evident in the years leading upto the 20th century, D. D. Johnson built a school, Tom Lumbard, started the first industrial enterprise in Norwalk with financial backing from Johnson. The Cheese factory that was built by Tom Lumbard led to Norwalk becoming dairy center by the 19th century.

The Harigitt House Norwalk California

The Harigitt House Museum located at 12426 Mapledale Norwalk California, was built in 1891, by the D. D. Johnson family is now a Norwalk landmark, as is the Norwalk Grammar School built in the 1920s, and located on Walnut Avenue in the city of Norwalk.      






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We offer service for Installation and Repair of business Telephone Systems in the Norwalk area, including the nearby cities of Orange or Los Angeles County.  

Norwalk Stats

A few stats for the city of Norwalk California.

Females outnumber Males in the city population of Norwalk 50.4 percent to 49.6 %.

Norwalk Zip Codes

90650, 90651, 90652, 90659

Norwalk ranks as a median income California city when compared the Median Income of the city of Norwalk is $ 58, 202 per year and the average of California is $ 59,931.

The population of Norwalk per the 2010 Census is stated at 105, 549, making Norwalk the 14th largest city in Los Angeles County.

The name Norwalk serves two American Cities, Norwalk California and Norwalk Connecticut.

The two cities are relatively of equal size with Norwalk California being slightly larger.

The population of Norwalk Connecticut being at 85, 603 and the population of Norwalk California being at 105,549.




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